11th April 2014

In Conversation and in Concert


Roger Limb

Roger Limb was a member of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop from 1972 until 1995. Limb composed music for many Doctor Who stories during the early ‘80s, including the fan favourites ‘The Caves of And...

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Peter Howell

Peter Howell was a member of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop from 1974 until its closure in 1998. The first thing he created was, by his own account, was the sound of a flying meat pie, but he soon beca...

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Kieron Pepper

Kieron Pepper joined the Radiophonic Workshop last year to assist with live and studio work. He has toured the globe, playing drums with The Prodigy (1997-2007) and worked with other high profile art...

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Paddy Kingsland

Paddy Kingsland was a member of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop from 1970 until 1981. His work on Doctor Who includes the well-loved soundtracks to the stories ‘Full Circle’ and ‘Logopolis’ among...

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Dick Mills

Dick Mills was a member of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop from 1958 until 1993. Early work, often made on devices of his own creation, included the notorious sound of Major Bloodnok’s stomach for Th...

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Mark Ayres

Mark Ayres was involved in the Radiophonic Work- shop’s final days at the BBC and went on to become their archivist. He created incidental music for Doctor Who in the 1980s, during Sylvester McCoy&#...

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