11th April 2014

In Conversation and in Concert


Kieron Pepper

Kieron Pepper joined the Radiophonic Workshop last year to assist with live and studio work. He has toured the globe, playing drums with The Prodigy (1997-2007) and worked with other high profile artists including Paul Hartnoll of Orbital.

He specialises in finding new ways of using sound technology including chaos guitar and broken Casiot- ones. The results of these experiments can be heard on albums with his other acts including Dead Kids. Pepper also lectures and mentors at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music (BIMM).

In performance Kieron Pepper will be using Acoustic Drums and Cymbals, Roland SPDs, pads and triggers, Korg MicroSampler, bC8 synth, Korg Kaoss Pad, assorted percussion, panel from the back of a washing machine, violin bow for aforementioned panel.

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