11th April 2014

In Conversation and in Concert


Paddy Kingsland

Paddy Kingsland was a member of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop from 1970 until 1981. His work on Doctor Who includes the well-loved soundtracks to the stories ‘Full Circle’ and ‘Logopolis’ among many others, as well as creating terrifying sounds and influential theme music for the childrens’ TV series The Changes and more ebullient work on The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy. Kingsland specialized in electro-acoustic pieces that often fused ethnic instruments and rhythms with synthesisers.

On leaving the BBC he went on to set up PK Studios, where he composed music for Michael Palin’s hugely successful travel shows, multiple documentaries and childrens’ fare. His 1973 album Fourth Dimension is considered an early synth classic and has the honour of being the first Radiophonic release to feature work composed by just one member.

In performance Paddy Kingsland will be using Roland Jupiter 8, Moog Theremin, Peavey AT-200 guitar, E-bow, autoharp, assorted household objects.

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