11th April 2014

In Conversation and in Concert


Peter Howell

Peter Howell was a member of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop from 1974 until its closure in 1998. The first thing he created was, by his own account, was the sound of a flying meat pie, but he soon became heavily involved with music and sound design for Doctor Who. In 1980 he provided the Doctor Who theme with its second regeneration using modern synthesizer technology rather than the tapes and oscillators used to create the Derbyshire/ Mills original. Aside from Doctor Who, Howell worked on projects ranging from Jonathan Miller’s ground- breaking medical series

The Body in Question to Horizon, Comic Relief and Wildlife on One. Five albums made during the late 1960s with musical partner John Ferdinando, under aliases such as Agincourt and Ithaca, are now regarded as British psychedelic folk clas- sics and have recently been reissued to widespread critical acclaim.

In concert Peter Howell will be using DX7 Mk II (Expanded), Novation SL MkII, Akai EWI Wind Controller, Roland VG99 Guitar Modeller and Midi Controller, Ibanez Guitar with Midi synth Bridge, Mac Laptop with Mainstage Software and Metasynth.

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